Treating Snoring


Weight Loss

When patients are overweight, there is a greater amount of tissue that can lead to collapse in the throat.  Weight gain is directly related to snoring and guidance for weight loss will be provided if it is appropriate for you.  When patients are too heavy (as measured by body-mass-index, or BMI), treatments are often less effective, so this is a very important factor.

Medical Treatment of Nasal Obstruction

Some inflammatory conditions of the nose can simply be treated with topical or oral medications to improve nasal breathing.  This improved breathing can help reduce and sometimes eliminate snoring.

Surgical Treatment of Nasal Obstruction

While some nasal conditions can be treated medically and medications are often trialed to see what benefits they can derive, anatomic obstruction of the nose is unlikely to be corrected with medication.  If your nasal breathing is poor despite appropriate medication trials, minor procedures such as turbinoplasty or septoplasty can lead to dramatic improvements in breathing during the day and at night.  

Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral appliances are devices worn in the mouth to advance the lower jaw bone, which advanced the tissues in the throat.  These devices can be very effective for snoring.

Office-Based Procedures

Because snoring is often due to vibration of the tissues of the soft palate, there are several procedures that can be performed in 30 minutes or less that are minimally invasive and very effective for snoring.  Injection snoreplasty, suture snoreplasty, and RF treatment to the palate are all performed by Dr. Parker and aim to treat the palate in such a way that the tissues become stiffer, which can lead to a reduction or elimination of tissue vibration and snoring.  

OR-Based Procedures

When there are large tonsils, excessive soft palate tissue, or a large tongue leading to snoring, then tonsillectomy, trimming and stiffening of the palate, and tongue base stiffening procedures can be considered to treat these specific problems.  These are typically performed in an operating room.